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2018 Divisions

West Plains Little League is for any player who lives inside the Medical Lake, Great Norther, Cheney or Liberty School District. And NEW for 2014, any player who attends a school in Cheney, Great Norther, Medical Lake or Liberty School District is now eliegable to play. So even if you live outside these district's boundaries, but you attend one of these School District's schools, you can now play WPLL. Click here to see a map of the Cheney and Medical Lake School District.

Play is divided into the following brackets:

Challenger Division:

Ages 5-15
(As of January 1, 2014)
The Challenger Division of Little League is a program for mentally and physically challenged youth, helping them to enjoy the full benefits of Little League participation in an athletic environment structured to their abilities. More than the skills of baseball learned through the experience, the value of the Little League Challenger Division is found in the proven therapeutic and socialization benefits of participating in sports, the strengthening of participants’ self-esteem, the opportunities to mainstream into other divisions of play, and the disciplines of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play, which are hallmarks of the Little League program. The Little League Challenger Division provides the framework so Little League programs may offer a structured, athletic activity for all youth in their communities. Playing with the same equipment on the same fields, Challenger Division participants have the opportunity to experience the joys of pulling together as a team, being cheered, and earning awards for their achievements.


Single A (A):
Ages 5-6
(As of January 1, 2015)
T-Ball - Designed to be a child’s first introduction to baseball. FUNdamentals are emphasized. Safe and fun for all boys and girls.

Double A (AA):
Ages 6*, 7-8
(As of January 1, 2015)
The next step up - Children are taken to a new level of play. Coach pitch makes the game fun and more enjoyable for all. 6 year-olds can only play if they have played T-Ball the year before.

Triple A (AAA):
Ages 8*, 9-12
(As of April 30, 2015)
Semicompetitive - A great introduction to learning more skills for Double A graduates. Triple A provides a slight completive level that kids will love as well as a comfortable playing environment for the kids. Baseball fundamentals, sportsmanship and participation are all emphasized. Great for beginners as well as experienced ball players.

Ages 9*, 10-12
(As of April 30, 2015)
Competitive - The fundamentals are stressed for the kids playing at a higher level. Besides being competitive, Little League core values of respect, sportsmanship and team are taught. Majors is a great experience for all ballplayers.

Junior League:
Ages 13-14
(As of April 30, 2015)
The Next Step - Junior League is the next step for players to advance their baseball careers. Junior League will be played on 80 foot bases with leading off and stealing. West Plains Little League will interleague with Spokane North and Spokane South little leagues to form a competitive league for all players.

Girls Softball

Double A (AA):
Ages 6*,7-8
(As of January 1, 2015)
The next step up - Girls are taken to the next level of play. Coach Pitch makes the game fun and enjoyable for all girls. Beginners are welcome.

Triple A (AAA):
Ages 8*,9-12
(As of January 1, 2015)
Semi-competitive – A great introduction to learning more skills for AA graduates. AAA provides a slight competitive level and comfortable playing environment for the participants. This is a player pitch league with a pitching distance of 35 feet.

Ages 9-12
(As of January 1, 2015)
Competitive - The fast pitch fundamentals are stressed for the kids playing at a higher level. Besides being competitive, Little League core values of respect, sportsmanship and team are taught.

* Parents can option their child up to the next level. Must have played the year before in a Little League program.

All-Star Champions

8-10 Baseball District 13 Champions
Majors Baseball District 13 Champions

Majors Softball District 13 Champions
10-11 Baseball District 13 Champions

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